A Full Service Creative Event Agency

We at ERS Asia see ourselves as masterful weavers of a brilliant tapestry that is your marketing campaign, event or brand communications. Imagine any theme, style, colour scheme, design element or subliminal messages intertwined within the fabric of that tapestry and we will bring it to reality!

We partner our clients in organising a diversity of events, marketing campaigns and brand communications with sophisticated elegance, operational precision and cutting-edge digital technology.


Malaysia, the land of myriad cultures offers vibrant landscapes for your ideal corporate retreat or gala event.


This land of historical and artistic wonder promises to make your beautiful incentive travel dreams come to life.


Booming metropolises and iconic landmarks come together in China, a marvelous setting for every event and incentive travel trip.


Picturesque natural panoramas and modern architecture combine in magnificent Vietnam to capture your senses during your corporate hospitality programs.


From captivating scenery, wonderful people to sprawling cities, Indonesia welcomes you to the world of endless possibilities in your event or incentive travel experience.


The land of smiles is a paradise of lush, tropical landscapes and bustling entertainment destinations, a perfect fit for corporate hospitality, events and festivals.

Services that define us as ERS Asia

Event Management

Successful projects require a balance of creativity and competent execution. With these elements, ERS will meet your objectives concisely and impact fully. As event

Incentive Travel

As more companies go international and air travel becomes more affordable, corporate hospitality events and incentive trips are increasingly being held overseas. Our experience


ERS Asia brings you fresh and original ideas that promise to excite your audience. By constantly keeping up with cutting-edge technology and theatrical concept,

“We don’t just create events, We Create an experience !”